Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology & Study in bift

Application and Admission Information

I. Application Requirements

The applicant must have a basic command of Chinese, a passport as the citizen of a foreign country, and be well-behaved, healthy, willing to obey Chinese laws and the school regulations, at the same time respect the Chinese customs and traditions.

Besides, some other rules should be followed as well:

1.  Over age 18;

2.  The qualified high school graduation certificate or other higher degrees;

3.  The HSK4 qualified transcript within the recent 3 years;

4.  Personal portfolio;

Notes: Students without qualified HSK transcript or personal portfolio, after the qualifications being examined, could be enrolled conditionally to study for the international foundation programs at the International Pre-education Center of BIFT, which will last for half to one year. Once reaching the inner- school B level for Chinese, and A2 level for major study, the student could get into the undergraduate program in the following new school year admission season. Fees fall on the students for the foundation programs, and there’s no scholarship for this period.

II. Registration Time

From the disclosure day to July 20th, 2015.

III. Application procedures

1. Two Ways for Application:

① Apply online: download and complete“the Application Form for Foreign Students”in English or Chinese, then email to us; meanwhile, hand in Color 2 inch electronic passport photo;

② Register on site: fill in “the Application Form for Foreign Students”at the International school office, and photograph there.

2. Hand in files: mail or hand in on site your personal portfolio, copy of senior high school graduation certificate ( or other proof of education background), copy of HSK transcript etc. ( enroll or not enroll, no files would be returned.)

3. Application fees: 600 RMB.  No application fees will be returned whether be enrolled or not.

IV. Confirmation of Enrolment

1. Based on the interview, the international school will inform the enrolled candidates either by phone or by email; those who cannot be reached due to the change of contact information should be responsible on their own. 

2. Those confirmed students should prepay the tuition with 4000RMB. The prepaid tuition will be counted in the total tuition fees, and would not be returned. After receiving the prepaid tuition fees, the school will mail the admission letter and the JW202 form to the address on the application form.

3. After receiving the Admission Letter and the Visa Application Form for Foreign Students Studying in China( JW202) as well as other enrollment files, the student should go to apply for the student visa at Chinese embassies and consulates, or at the Exit and Entry Administration of Beijing( keep the admission letter’s copy for registration), and register on time. Delaying for 2 weeks without any reasons will be regarded as abandonment automatically, with prepaid fees and the total tuition fees not returned.

V. Admission Procedures

1. Original copy and photocopy of the Admission Letter;

2. Input information written on“the Admission Form of Foreign Students at BIFT”;

3. Original copy and photocopy of visa, the highest degree, HSK transcript, registration form of temporary accommodation, and medical insurance;

4. Photocopy of valid documentations of the guarantor in China(below age 18);

5. Visa and results of medical examination(see attachment 1);

6. Two colored ID photos of 2 inches with white background;

7. Tuition fees for the first school year ( fees withheld the prepaid part )

8. Contact us in advance and pay the accommodation fees when dormitory is required.

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